Hard Days 

Are Gone

Cannabinoids in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil work in unison with the Endocannabinoid system. This system regulates homeostasis or "balance" in the animals body and it's important to note that no two Endocannabinoid systems are the same. They are unique to the animal and require a conscious approach with an engaged pet parent, as well as consistent dosage, in order to find the perfect dosing routine. 

While each animals Cannabinoid System is unique, at Heel, we like to start on a low dose and work our way up.

What are signs of effectiveness?

When administering CBD you want to look for how your pet is reacting. Do you see relaxation in them?

Some of the tell tale signs of pet relaxation are the softening of muscles, less reactive to the outside world, relaxation in ears, less desire to be over stimulated by noise, movement and other senses and most importantly, energy shifts. This is key for the success of this product as a tool for you

Sarah Urges pet parents to quiet their mind, connect with their pet and simply observe their animal after administration. You know your animal better than anyone else and so it’s up to you to be as engaged as possible in order to adjust the dosing as needed.

Our founder, Sarah Lea, believes this part is the most important in the steps to becoming an even more successful pet parent. It starts with you and your connection.

Why tincture-based administration and not treats or powder?

Although treats, gummies and powders may seem like an easy, affordable and common way to give your pet Hemp Oil or CBD supplements, this type of administration is not nearly as effective as oil administration.

Heel is designed to be absorbed directly in the mouth, for maximum absorption. Sublingual or mucosal absorption (absorption between cheeks and gums or under the tongue) goes directly into the blood stream, to maximize its benefits.

When you absorb any kind of supplement but especially Cannabidoil or Hemp Oil Extracts via treats, gummies or powder, it requires the substance to be digested and broken down in the stomach, you lose up to 40% of the dose when it is 

absorbed through the digestive tract. So, in theory, you’re wasting 40% of the valuable time and money you’ve spent on this investment. It also requires you to double or triple the dose, in order for it to be as effective. 

So, again, you will be spending more money in the long run as you’re using more of the product.We suggest choosing the 1000mg subscription. This is the higher potency, so you’ll need less of it and if used monthly, as we suggest, it’s a far more economical choice.

Can you put HEEL on the animals Food or a Treat?

In short, yes but you’ll be spending more money.

If you can not administer the oil into the pets mouth, then Sarah Lea suggests doubling or tripling the dose on the treat as it will be absorbed through the stomach.

Why Pump administration and not a dropper?

At Heel, we firmly believe that if a company has a product targeted at pets using a dropper, this is a clear indication that they do not have the experience or knowledge of pets and pet safety. Most Pet CBD’s on the market have glass droppers, this is a huge red flag. Glass droppers often break in the animals mouth and cause all kinds of complications.

If the dropper is plastic and not glass, this too, brings with it all kinds of problems. Using a dropper, wether glass or plastic, runs the risk of infection due to the build up of “Bacterial Biofilm.” This is caused by the dropper being placed in the mouth of the animal, collecting bacteria from their mouth and then being placed back into the bottle, whereby contamination instantly happens. Very quickly, this Bacteria grows on the inside of the bottle and the dropper, this is called “Biofilm.”

As you insert it into the pets mouth and bottle day in and day out, this substance becomes even more toxic and dangerous and eventually leads to poisoning or illness in the animal.

In order to avoid any health risks and ensure utmost safety of our clients, we use a Pump, where contamination is far less likely, we use Organic, Full Spectrum oil where the effects are the safest and most effective and we use Miron or Violet glass, in order to preserve and protect the valuable contents within this bottle.

Plant allies for pets, the way nature intended

Just the way that humans have been using adaptogens and plant medicines to support us in our daily life, so should the beloved animals, who are living alongside us, in a domesticated multi-faceted experience. 

Responsibility and Liability

HEEL does not responsibility for any and all misuse of this product nor dissatisfaction of its contents or the customers experience. For a more on this, please see our terms of service. HEEL and Sarah Lea do not take any responsibility for the customer experience, when you purchase this product you acknowledge that it is a holistic approach to pet wellness and has not been approved by any medical organization, in the United States or Abroad. You also acknowledge that it is your responsibility to use this products wisely, that it is not a "one size fits all" product and that it may take time and consistency to see results. You also acknowledge that Pet Wellness, pain and anxiety in any shape or form, has a deeper cause and while Heel may help assist with the SYMPTOMS of this cause, it is not a cure for the root of the issue. For example; If your pet has separation anxiety and panic attacks when you leave them at home in a crate, Heel may assist in the pets ability to rest or relax but it WILL NOT take away their fear or discomfort associated with being separated, alone or inside a crate. As the Customer you agree that this is YOUR responsibility to rewire these fears in your animal and HEEL may be a tool to assist you in this. We will not refund any product that has not been returned and opened. By purchasing this product you agree that you have done the necessary research to understand how and when to use these substances and that there is no guarantee for success, relaxation or a cure for any ailments in your animal. While customers and the founder have seen success with the use of HEEL, we do not make any such claims that there is any guarantee of any kind. While this may be able to assist your pet with Anxiety, pain, Inflammation and so on, we do not claim that this is a cure or there is any kind of guarantee. You purchase this product at your own risk and your own discretion.

If you still have questions, feel free to shoot us an email or DM us on Instagram!