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Not all Pet Anxiety is equal!

Did you know there are 4 different anxiety types in dogs and therefore 4 different approaches to target the specific one. If your dog displays anxiety and you've tried everything, it's most likely because you aren't yet clear on their anxiety type and the root of it! Once you understand their unique type of anxiety you will be far more equipped to know how to target it, rewire it, reduce it and provide them with a far more harmonious experience!

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This quiz was created by Celebrity Animal Communicator, Sarah Lea, who specializes in rewiring trauma in animals! After years of working with animals from all walks of life, such as the dog meat trade, testing labs, severe abuse and hoarding situations, she made it her mission to create a protocol to ensure they experienced utmost harmony in their future.

Sarah believes that animals do not have to be a victim to their past or continue to be a product of their past environment and so with all her clients, she was tasked with the challenge of rewiring their trauma, and she has done so successfully!

Take the quiz, discover their anxiety type and the protocol best for them and reap the reward of your commitment to your fur child 🌿🐶

PS: We are still working on a concise Anxiety Type Quiz for Cats, if you would like more info on understanding your cats anxiety type and what solutions are available to you, send us a DM at @liveheel on Instagram or email us at info@liveheel.com!