How do you know if your animal is showing signs of stress or anxiety?

Although there are tons of reasons why your animals may experience anxiety in their body and mind, we believe in providing tools for you to assist them in their experience and rewire the cause of what is going on below the surface. 

Stress affects us all, especially our pets!

Some signs include unnecessarily barking or meowing, GI issues, a lack of sleep, chewing and breaking things uncontrollably, crying, hair loss, shaking and even gnawing at their own skin. It’s important to look for signs of this kind of behavior and more importantly, do something about it. Remember; they are having a human experience along side you and they are incredibly connected to you, as we are sure you are well aware of (if you’re on this website we know you are a committed and connected pet parent!)

The key to using our products as a tool is consistency. A consistent daily routine, receiving the product same time each day and/or night and 30 minutes before any stressful situation if needed.

It’s important to understand that CBD is not a “one size fits all” kind of product, it’s not a medication, therefore, the effectiveness is not based on weight or age, its based off of your pets unique endocannabinoid system. So its important to start low, with one pump for a few days and really tune in to your animal. You may be satisfied with the results with just one pump however, you may want to increase the dose. This requires your attention and connection with your animal, to find the right amount.

To put it into perspective, we have large breeds like Rottweilers and great danes that only need 1-2 pumps to see results and yorkies and chiuhuahas that need 4-5!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about dosing !

None of this information is FDA approved, we do not give medical advice and you should always consult your veterinarian about using any of our products
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