We make pets CHILL AF

Activate joy, vitality & contentment in your pets daily routine with a blend of the mood balancing adaptogen Ashwagandha and the powerful, signature full spectrum Hemp Oil CBD Supplement.

Created to Manage Stress, Separation Anxiety, Pain and inflammation, Arthritis, depression in your pets and bring back the daily optimist that is in all animals.

Its time to Heel.

Introducing Heel

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Feel. Good. Now.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with Ashwagandha.



Cocos Nucifera

Cannabis Sativa


This special formula is a tool used by successful pet parents that chose to fix the separation anxiety and other ailments in their animals. This is for those that want their pets to have a stress free, anxiety-less experience.

There is a need for the management of happiness and stress in animals, who exist alongside us every day. Depression, Pain and Inflammation and Separation Anxiety are very real things that animals suffer from daily, but many of us have been misled to what the true solution is to having pets that are Chill AF over a long period of time.

Negative long term side effects of Pharmaceuticals are not the solution, HEEL is.

Want real results? Choose HEEL.

Heel has been life-changing for my dog, Spot. I follow Sarah and when I found out she was coming out with a product, I was stoked. Highly recommend.

Rebecca H.

Really loved this for traveling with my cat! She hates planes and now, she's a piece of cake to travel with. Thanks a million, Sarah!

David K.

I tried tons of products, this was the first to work for my pup who has a lot of energy. Perfect before bed.

Elizabeth W.

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"An ashwagandha infused, full spectrum Hemp oil specifically for pets.”