Luna's anxiety was out of control, she was so aggressive and we could tell she was really frustrated too. We did everything we could from taking her outside to getting her all the toys. We started using Heel a month ago and she is so much calmer, She's still her crazy self but no attacking others or constantly clawing at things. 

Allie M

Luna's mom

Lexi has major Separation Anxiety, I would always feel so guilty leaving the house because he would bark and cry for me to come back. I've been giving him 2 pumps of Heel about 30 min before I head out and I must say, it's been such a helpful tool, He lays in his bed, eats his snacks and sleeps. No nervousness, No fear, all chill

Veronica T

Animal Rescuer, Lexi's Servant  

She's been on Apoquel for years for her hot spots, I was really worried about the dangers of long term use, so I took her off them. The irritation, inflammation and itchiness was off the charts. Started using the 1000mg of Heel AM and PM as well as on the affected areas and it literally calms it down. I feel like this is a safer and more holistic option for the long run. 

Highly recommended for Elderly dogs! 

Jessica L

Shimmy's mom