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Creature Comfort | Physical Support for Pets

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This Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is designed for the Physical Wellness of Pets.

We believe that animals struggling with inflammation or anxiety of any kind, should be on a gentle daily regimen of our Pet Formulated CBD. That’s why we created Creature Comfort. This product is designed for daily wellness in pets struggling with Inflammation, Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Injuries, stress, seizures, among other ailments. 

This product is ideal for rescue animals, those who have an anxious predisposition, animals home alone for more than 4 hours at a time and even our older pets that just need an extra bit of support and loving.

While all our products are full spectrum, there is no more than 0.3% THC, ensuring our animals get the benefits of this plant the way nature intended, whilst making sure they don’t get “high” either.

For Pets struggling with Arthritis and Inflammation, we highly recommend combining Creature Comfort with Goodbye Aches, to target Inflammation Internally and Externally.

Customers report best results after 4-6 months, We highly recommend sticking with dosing Protocol for at least 6 months for best results, this is why we offer 20% off our 6 month Subscription!



One should always consult their veterinarian before administering any of our products, we are not licensed to give medical advice. The results and statements you read are statements of existing customers and their experience. Pet CBD and Hemp Oil is not FDA Approved, you are administering at your own discretion. We do not make any claims to the efficiency or safety of any of the products. We will not be held liable.

100% Natural Ingredients

This daily wellness product has only two ingredients;

Organic Full spectrum CBD oil and organic Coconut derived MCT oil.

Pump dispenser

Ensuring utmost safety and preservation of the product.

Dosage & Instructions

We suggest starting with one pump once a day for three days and then adjusting from there. For Animals with Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, arthritis, seizures and epilepsy, it is going to be key to create a solid routine.

Read more about the Cannabinoid System here

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Customer Reviews

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Jess G
Heel gave years to my dog

My golden is 12 years old and has bad arthritis, she struggles to stand up or hold herself up when she eats, it’s so hard seeing her like that! My friend had used heel for her older dog so I decided to try it. I got the inflammation pack, I liked the idea of targeting her pain from inside and outside and I’m so glad I did. Her limping is so much better and both her back legs stand up straight when she’s eating, she buckles way less and I have totally seen an improvement. I wish my vet had got me onto something like heel a long time ago, because She would have had a much easier time, much sooner. I love the name also, it literally does give them comfort.

CBD for pets

CBD or Cannabidoil, is the non-intoxicating component of the cannabis sativa plant that has shown a variety of benefits and works in unison with the endocannabinoid system that exists in humans and pets. We think its pretty cool that we have a system within us that was basically made to dance with these plant allies!

CBD can influence brain activity in animals, which allows for some of the potential benefits, such as a reduction in stress and anxiety for dogs and cats. CBD has also been praised for its potential anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory properties

CBD cannot get you or your pets high, if dosed appropriately, unlike THC. Pets should never be given an intoxicating level of THC. It’s important to discuss dosage instructions with your veterinarian and never use products not formulated specifically for pets.

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