Hug Your Cat Month

National hug your cat month: history of cats and the healing properties of their purring, plus 20% OFF!

Did you know that June is National Hug Your Cat Month?  In honor of this special month, Heel has decided to educate our subscribers on the benefits of cat purrs.

To learn about the history of cat-human interactions and how your cats purring can heal you, read on!

Cats have been living amongst humans for approximately 12,000 years.  The domestication of felines is quite different that of canines.  Cats became a wonderful source of natural pest control! When humans transitioned from a nomadic lifestyle and began to settle, their issues with rodents began.  As crop surpluses increased exponentially, so did the presence of mice and other rodents.  Needless to say, when wild cats discovered the abundance of prey, they were delighted.  Humans were equally as delighted to have their pest problems under control.  Thus began the relationship between cats and humans.

Fast forward to modern times and cats are some of the most popular pets, probably not because we are still overrun by rodents but hey...

We know we don't have to tell you all there is to love about cats, you already know! BUT, we found an interesting subject of modern research about domesticated cats and their benefits of purring. 

Research has shown that the frequencies that cats purr at are the same frequencies that are linked to healing.  Cats purr at frequencies between 25 and 150 Hertz when inhaling and exhaling.  The low frequencies of 25-50 Hertz are associated with the promotion of bone growth and healing, we know, thats super freaking cool! 

 Research shows that cat owners are at a lower risk of having a heart attack.  Scientists now believe that the healing power of cat purrs can help with infections, swelling and pain, muscle and tendon growth and repair, and even joint mobility.  Does your cat purr when you feel sick or are injured?  Who knew cats make awesome nurses?!

Although we consider these purring baddies our actual children, we also know that sometimes, they're the ones needing healing.



For those with rescue cats, cats that show signs of stress, anxiety and unexpected aggression, it may be time for you to implement some lifestyle tools into their daily routine to assist with stress and anxiety...

Many feline parents are subscribed to the Plant Based formula, CREATURE COMFORT, to provide daily comfort for those fur babies that may be lacking it.

This Hemp derived formula works best as a daily supplement to reduce separation anxiety, pain and inflammation in cats and we highly recommend using it consistently for 3 months, to allow the formula time to dance in unison with their individual endo-cannabinoid system!

So, while we wish we could personally hug every single cat, ever, use code HEELPAWS for 20% OFF all subscription products

for a more effective, holistic hug, from us to you!




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